SG Sagawa cross border transportation truck

Connecting ASEAN with Thailand
by Cross Border Service

We provide cross border services with Bangkok as a central hub, connecting to neighboring countries (Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Vietnam).
We offer both LTL (Less than Truckload) and FTL (Full Truckload) services on the routes connecting Vientiane (Laos) and Hanoi (Vietnam) by charter and consolidation as well.
※ There is no regular schedule.

The Strengths of SG SAGAWA (THAILAND)’s Cross Border Services

01. Cross border with Bangkok as center hub

We provide seamless cross border services across ASEAN region, leveraging our expertise in trucking transportation services, route planning, scheduling, and customs clearance.

02. Flexible schedules to meet customer’s requirements

We offer weekly cross border services based on customer requests in these following routes: Thailand⇄Laos, Thailand⇄Vietnam, Thailand⇄Myanmar, Thailand⇄Malaysia, Thailand⇄Cambodia. For customers who require cross border service for low-volume shipments, we are willing to provide the LTL service. Please entrust that the freight will be transported with our efficient and budget-friendly cross border service.

03. FTL services collaborating with professional partners

We have a network of professional partners that can provide FTL services to Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Our services are modified to meet the diverse needs of our customers, including package’s weight and types.

The Comparison of Land and
Sea Freight Transit Times

Cross border transportation route map

The transit time for Cross Border varies depending on the type of goods and the transportation distance. To ensure the smooth process,
we kindly request customers to notify us at least 3-5 days in advance of the scheduled shipping date in preparation for inventory management and customs clearance documentation.

Shipping Routes Land Transit Time Sea Freight Transit Time
Bangkok – Vientiane around 2 days ※1
Bangkok – Savannakhet around 2 days ※1
Bangkok – Yangon around 2 days around 15 days
Bangkok – Phnom Penh around 2 days around 15 days
Bangkok – Da Nang around 2 – 3 days around 10 -12 days
Bangkok – Hanoi around 3 – 4 days ※1
Bangkok – Ho Chi Minh around 3 – 4 days around 10 days
Bangkok – Kuala Lumpur around 3 – 4 days around 10 days

Please be advised that the above timetable represents the standard transit time.
※1 : Not recommend for sea freight due to the landlocked location of Vientiane, Savannakhet, and Hanoi.

Example of the Cross Border Service (Clothing Business) Cross border service procedure sample
Cross border

Less than Truckload Service (LTL)

Less than Truckload Service (LTL) is the suitable option for customers who have a small quantity of parcels and want to share the same container space with other companies.

The LTL service is cost-effective compared to the full truckload (FTL).
However, please note that LTL service may take longer transit time than FTL service due to necessarily stops at various distribution centers.

Less than Truckload Service
We offer affordable cross border service for small quantities of parcels.
Calculation of service fees
The fee is calculated from the weight, the quantity, and the parcel size per vehicle.

※ The minimum weight of the parcels per vehicle is 167 kg/1㎥〜 (some parts are 250 kg).

Full Truckload Service (FTL)

Full Truckload Service (FTL) is a suitable option for customers with a large volume of parcels or customers who require full container space.

We offer various container sizes, including 20’FT / 40’FT / 45’FT (40’HC).
Besides, we provide a fleet of 4-wheel, 6-wheel, 10-wheel, and 18-wheel
trailer trucks to cater your diverse requirements for transportation service.

Full Truckload Service
We offer affordable cross border service for small quantities of parcels.
Calculation of service fees
The fee is calculated from the weight, the quantity, and the parcel size per vehicle.

Last Mile Delivery Service

Cross border

We ensure the secure and reliable door-to-door services through our global network. Furthermore, we are dedicated to recommending the logistics solution suitable for your parcel quantities.
For more information, please feel free to contact us.

The Guide for Receiving SG SAGAWA (THAILAND)’s Cross Border Services

The Procedure of Cross Border Services


Contact us to receive our consultation on Cross Border services.

Receive a quotation

We issue quotations regarding the customer’s parcel aspects.

Parcel picking and packaging

Our staff members pick up parcels at the designated location and provide a suitable packing service following the parcel aspects and customer’s requirements.

Examination and verification

Examine the following information: invoice information, quantity, weight, and destination address.

Storage and transportation preparation

Temporarily store your parcels in our warehouse and prepare for transportation. (The LTL and FTL service have different freight durations.)

Customs clearance procedure

Our staff members provide the customs clearance service on your behalf at the destination country.

Deliver parcels to the destination

Deliver parcels to the destination

Packing Service

Customers can rest assured that we will prepare the most suitable packaging for your parcels.
Our expert staff members will provide various packaging solutions to match your specific requirements, including a large parcel or a special parcel.

Wooden crates in SG Sagawa warehouse Packing in SG Sagawa warehouse Wooden crates moving in SG Sagawa warehouse

Necessary documents for Cross Border Transportation

  • Invoice
  • Packing list

We are delighted to assist you in preparing the necessary documents.
Customers who are a first-timer for Cross Border transportation can rely on our professional services tailored to meet your preferences.

Prohibited and restricted goods

  • Narcotics
  • Guns, bullets, explosives, and the equivalents to guns
  • Dangerous goods (Some goods may be exceptional, please inquire for more information)
  • Illegal goods according to the regulations of the Thai Customs Department

Please contact us for more information about dangerous goods, temperature-controlled parcels, and special handling parcels.

We provide best consultation for delivery planning, conforming to the client’s requirement.
Additionally, we also support the first-time business for Cross Border service.

For more information, please feel free to contact us.