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International Shipping

SG SAGAWA (THAILAND) is an affiliated company of the SG HOLDINGS group in Japan. We provide the full service for various operations and additional services, such as storage, packing, and import-export customs clearance.
Fully equipped to meet your diverse needs.

The Strengths of SG SAGAWA (THAILAND)’s Forwarding

01. Global Network

Connecting our global network over 142 companies across 34 countries. (Information as of March 31, 2023)
Through our collaboration with global networks, we have a thorough understanding of local customs laws, regulations, and conditions, significantly reducing the complexity of customers’ processes.

02. Customized Services

We are ready to provide customized services to serve customer’s diverse requirements, including packing process, import/export customs procedures, document preparation. Besides, offering a variety of transportation options, including 3PL service (Third-party logistics service), to provide proper service. Whether you require urgent deliveries or large-scale shipments that can provide an efficient shipping plan to meet your business requirements.

03. Optimized Solution

Please entrust us with the forwarding of specialized items that require an in-depth knowledge in handling, such as electronic precision machinery, chemicals, heavy items, and artworks, among others. We can securely handle with advanced packing expertise and technology, including precise temperature control systems or the craftsmanship of wooden crates for international transportation.

Air Freight

Comprehensive air freight services, offering the best solution that meets your satisfaction.

Furthermore, we also support the transportation of electronic precision machinery, industrial tools, express delivery of garments, and exhibition setup equipment, etc.
We ensure to offer the best methods with the worth price.

Air Freight Forwarding

Air Freight Services

We provide full service for Air Freight, including parcel storage, customs clearance, and transportation service.
We conduct cargo sorting, issue invoices on behalf of the exporting party, and directly deliver to the stores without the necessity to be sorted at the importing country’s logistics center.
The Triangle Trade
International freight services with Thailand as a delivery intermediary between two countries.
Airport Transportation
Bonded goods international delivery service to worldwide airports
Air Freight and Cross Border Transportation
The air freight and cross-border collaboration services.

Other services

  • Air freight preparation
  • Import/export preparation and customs document preparation
  • Domestic delivery
  • Packing Service
  • Warehouse
  • Receipt providing and delivered notification
The procedure of Air freight forwarding

Sea Freight

SG SAGAWA (THAILAND) offers LCL (Less than Container Load) to FCL (Full Container Load), including oversized cargo or non-containerized goods.

We are committed to provide the best services through our affiliation with SG HOLDINGS GROUP that facilitates the comprehensive global network, assuring by collaborating experiences with international partners and local experts who have in-depth knowledge of local environments.

Sea Forwarding

Sea Freight Services

We support LCL/FCL services, and offer the services that align with customer’s delivery duration and budget.
We conduct cargo sorting, issue a bill of lading on behalf of the exporting country, and directly deliver to the stores without the necessity to be sorted at the importing country’s logistics center.
The Triangle Trade
International services with Thailand as a delivery intermediary between two countries.
The Triangle Trade
International freight services with Thailand as a delivery intermediary between two countries.
Special container for overweight and oversized cargo
We contribute a proper container for long, heavy, or large cargo.
Break Bulk Cargo
We provide the voyage charter service for shipping non-containerized cargo.

In addition to global major ports, we also deliver sea freight service to regional ports (including remote islands).
Please contact us for more details.
*Example of regional ports: Ishigaki Island, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, etc.

Other services

  • Sea freight forwarding management
  • Import/export preparation and customs document preparation
  • Domestic delivery
  • Packing Service
  • Warehouse
The procedure of Sea forwarding

Supporting the First-time Freight Forwarder

SG SAGAWA (THAILAND) is willing to simplify the complex process of import and export documentation for first-time freight forwarders.
We provide comprehensive advice and support on shipping methods, packing process, customs clearance, and all other necessary preparations from the first step to the end.

Customs Clearance Services

For customs clearance procedures,you can issue a power of attorney to have us act on your behalf.

FDA Registration and Licensing

We support the acquisition of FDA (Food and Drug Administration) registration and licensing on your behalf that is essential for importing foods, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products to Thailand.
*Please note that SG SAGAWA (THAILAND) does not provide support for the application of the FDA registration and licensing for pharmaceutical products.

What is the FDA (Thai Food and Drug Administration)?

It is required to obtain a license for importing or distributing these types of products: food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, and dietary supplements.
The approval period for the FDA registration and licensing depends on the type of imported product. Consequently,
it is important to make preparations in advance.

Examples Cosmetics : 15 – 30 days
Basic pharmaceutical products : 1 – 4 months
Food, pharmaceutical products : 3 – 5 months

We have proficient staff members who are knowledgeable about FDA registration and licensing, so “customers who import products to Thailand for the first time” can rest assured of our consultation.

The process of FDA registration and licensing

  • Prepare necessary documents for application submission.
  • Submit documents and requests to the FDA.
  • Prepare for warehouse inventory management processes (SG SAGAWA (THAILAND)’s warehouses are available for all customers).

For the storage of products necessary for the FDA registration process, you can utilize our warehouse service. Alternatively, you may entrust us to deliver your products to stores or directly distribute to your customers on your behalf.

Process after receiving approval from the FDA

  • Customs clearance and LPI application
  • Inventory management

Special Case

We are experts in the transportation of products that require specialized knowledge and expertise. Furthermore, we can provide comprehensive consultation of all services, from packaging to transportation.

Examples of special products

Dangerous goods
Entrust your dangerous goods to our experts and safe transportation.
Temperature-controlled goods
Temperature-controlled transportation and cold packaging for your temperature-sensitive products.
Heavy goods or factory relocation
We provide large-scale transportation and handling services, such as preparing the heavy machinery packaging, the shelving assembly and dismantling service, and the relocation of electrical distribution panels.
Exhibition setup equipment and product samples
Packaging and transportation services for exhibition equipment and product samples.

Packaging Services

SG SAGAWA (THAILAND) offers a wide range of packaging solutions for every type of special products, from small to large items.
Our service consists of these following types of packaging:

  • Wood packaging
  • Steel packaging
  • Paperboard packaging

We also provide packaging for dangerous goods, temperature-controlled products, and special handling products. Please contact us for more information.

Prohibited and restricted goods

  • Narcotics
  • Guns, bullets, explosives, and the equivalents to guns
  • Dangerous goods (Some goods may be exceptional, please inquire for more information)
  • Illegal goods according to the regulations of the Thai Customs Department
Wooden crates in SG Sagawa warehouse Packing in SG Sagawa warehouse Wooden crates moving in SG Sagawa warehouse

We provide best planning consultation, conforming to the client’s requirement.
Additionally, we also support the first-time freight forwarder.

For more information, please feel free to contact us.