SG Sagawa International Relocation service

Fast and Reliable
International Relocation Services

We provide International Relocation service for those who require moving belongings to a new residence or shipping parcels for overseas living. Our service encompasses various additional services covering all aspects of the moving process, including shipping belongings from Thailand to Japan or other countries, cross border transportation, domestic relocation, and packing service.
For customers planning to relocate to Japan, we provide services facilitated by Japanese or local staff members proficient in Japanese communication. Our team of multi-lingual professionals will assist you through every process of service, from initial price estimates, relocation procedures, the customs clearance for import/export, to the final stage of transporting your belongings to the designated location at the destination country.

The Strengths of International Relocation Services

01. Fast and reliable services for moving to Japan and other countries

We provide dependable international moving services connecting Thailand to Japan, Japan to Thailand, Thailand to other countries, and domestic relocation.
Moreover, we facilitate a wide range of relocation services, from packaging to shipping service.

02. End-to-end services, from packing to unpacking

For customers with a large number of belongings or large furniture and appliances,
we offer both packing and unpacking services, including installing furniture at the destination.
For installing service, we kindly request customers to notify us in advance. (※ Additional option)

03. Provides service by staff members proficient in Japanese communication

For customers who require for house moving service to Japan, our Japanese or Thai staff proficient in Japanese will assist you in every stage, starting from initial price estimate to relocation process.
Customers who move abroad for working or studying for the first time, please entrust us to provide international relocation service.

Customized International Relocation Services

We offer package price for international relocation service, supporting both customers with a minimal number of belongings and families moving abroad.
Our proficient staff members provide consultation through all processes, customizing service to suit your budget and the size and the weight of your belongings. Additionally, we are delighted to ship large household items through sea freight and air freight for ready-to-use products, such as clothing or daily essentials.


Family Relocation Plan


Relocation Plan for Work Abroad


Relocation Plan for Study Abroad


Relocation Plan for Office Moving

The Procedure of International Relocation Service

Relocation from Thailand to Japan


Contact us to receive our consultation on the service’s details. (Please contact us by using the form provided below.)

Initial Inspection

Our staff will visit your residence/company to inspect all belongings and provide consultation.

Issue a quotation and registration

We will provide a quotation and officially operate on your requests.

Package preparation

If customers prefer self-packing, we are delighted to arrange the delivery of packaging materials to your location in advance.

Categorize your belongings

Before the removal date, we kindly request customers to categorize your belongings following their destinations. (Especially if belongings are being sent to different locations.)


We provide consultation on preparing essential documents for international relocation.

Packing and picking process

Our staff members offer packing service and pick up your belongings at the designated location.

Customs clearance preparation

We support customs clearance documentation service and provides guidance on specific sections that customers need to complete with personal information.

Shipping belongings to Japan or other countries

We operate on the entire moving process from Thailand to the countries, encompassing customs clearance procedure, additional packing (in case of necessity), and the final delivery to the designated location.

Customers proceed with the customs clearance procedure at the destination

When customers arrive at the destination country, our staff members will provide recommendations about the customs clearance documentation.

Customs clearance for importing belongings to Japan

Our staff in the destination country will manage customs clearance on your behalf. During this process, they may contact you to request information regarding items and delivery dates.

Deliver belongings to the final destination

Our staff deliver customer’s belongings to the designated destination. In addition to our delivery service, we also offer various additional services tailored to customers’ specific requirements, including unpacking services, furniture installation, and more. (※ Additional options)

Restricted items

  • Prohibited items according to the regulations of the destination country
  • Restricted items for air freight
  • Items requiring special caution at the destination country

Our staff members will provide a list of prohibited items specific to each destination country.

Corporate Relocation Services

Please entrust us to facilitate your large-scale relocation, whether it’s office or factory relocation.
We are delighted to provide comprehensive support at every stage of international relocation.

Large-scale Relocation

  • We support every aspect of the relocation service, from packing to transporting heavy factory machinery.
  • We facilitate heavy machinery relocation for reposition within the factory.
  • Our services include the disassembly and reinstallation of racks or shelves.
  • We provide assistance in the transfer of switchboards, electrical devices, and other equipment.
SG Sagawa Large-scale Relocation service

Employee Relocation

We are delighted to offer consultation services for international employee relocation. We are ready to provide comprehensive support and advice in Japanese, English, and Thai, simplifying the moving process for both people who take responsibility for relocation management and the relocated employees.

SG Employee Relocation service

Please rest assured that we will facilitate every aspect of international relocation service, covering working abroad, studying abroad, moving to new residence in Japan or other countries.
Additionally, we provide services in Japanese, English, and Thai languages.
For more information, please feel free to contact us.