SG Sagawa International Express Service

International Express
Door-to-Door Service

We provide reliable door-to-door delivery solutions for transporting cargo from the pick-up location to the destination. Our services provide various requirements, including sending documents, gifts, samplings, and other items to any corner of the world. Moreover, we offer a package price which includes all fees associated with the entire process, from pick up to delivery.

The Strengths of International Express Service

01. Door-to-door international express service, delivering cargo to every region of the world.

02. Document and parcel delivery service with the package prices including all fees associated with the entire process, from pick up, transport, customs clearance, and delivery to destination.

03. One rate cost for every region of Japan.
(Some areas may be exceptional, please inquire for more information.)

04. Delivery time: approximately 2-4 days in Japan
※ The duration may different, depending on the pick-up location and the destination.

05. International parcel tracking service is available

06. Support multiple languages: Japanese / Thai / English

The Variety of International Express Services

Small parcels

Express services for small parcels, quickly and safely, including sample products (with/without value), spare parts, personal gifts, golf bags, and other items.


Express services for documents and printed materials, such as business documents.

International Express Service’s Details

Who is suitable for this service?

Sender | companies・individuals

New customers are required to register a new account with our company. Please contact us by using the form provided below.

Receiver | companies・individuals

We provide recommendations of terms and conditions specific to destination countries.
Please contact us by using the form provided below.

Parcel size

All three dimensions of each package should not exceed 160 cm. height and 30 kg. weight.
※ We provide international express services for heavy parcels. Please contact us for more information.

We also offer package prices to suit your requirements of parcel quantity and designated destination.

Parcel maximum size
SG Sagawa Parcel box

Payment method

  • Pay in advance
  • Cash or wire transfer

Payment included in delivery fees

  • Pick-up fees
  • Air Freight fees
  • Destination fees

Payment excluded

These additional charges may apply to International Express service’s package price:

  • Customs duties/Consumption taxes/Up-front fees
  • Special delivery fees
  • Return shipping fees
  • Legal and regulatory fees

The Procedure of Express Service

The procedure of Japan express delivery service

To Japan

Driver will pick your parcels at a designated location within Bangkok or nearby industrial areas.
For other areas, we offer parcel pick-up services with the support of our local partner companies. Customers who require relocation service for working aboard can also rest assured of our international express service.

Supporting the First-time business
for International Express Service

The first-time customer is required to register for a new account with our company.

01. Register for a new account with SG SAGAWA (THAILAND)
02. Issue an invoice/a packing list (for delivering parcels)
03. Make an inquiry about document/parcel pickup request documentations.
04. Pick up the document/parcel
05. Inspect the document/parcel
06. Deliver the document/parcel to the designated destination.

Restricted items

Products applied directly to the skin, such as soaps, shampoos, skincare products, hair conditioners, lipsticks, nail polishes, perfumes, eyeshadows.
Documents and media
Explicit media including pornography (images, printed materials, paintings, sculptures), be reissued irreplaceable documents (e.g., visas), correspondences (e.g., letters, copies of residence registrations, contracts, certificates)
Plants and animals
Animals, insects, fresh flowers, bouquet, dried flowers, cut flowers, seeds, seedlings, fruits, and spices, parts of a plant, carcasses, parts of an animal (e.g., ivory, shark fins), body fluids, and substances derived from animal bodies (e.g., excrement)
All types of food (fresh food, processed food, healthy food, dry food, canned food, beverages, alcoholic beverages, dietary supplements)
Valuable items
Cash, securities, stocks, passports, expired duties, stamps, valuable metals (e.g., jade, diamonds, platinum, gold, silver, etc.), cultural properties, significant cultural heritages, important works of arts, precious and semi-precious stones (whether cut and polished or not), and all kinds of valuable metals.
Dangerous items
Handguns, firearms and swords, bullets, pocket knives, fireworks, sprays, explosive materials, flammable substances, matches, lighters, flammable gas, car waxes, engines, printer inks, nail polishes, perfumes, lithium-ion batteries
Dangerous chemical substance, poisons, harmful drugs, marijuana, narcotics, stimulants
Pharmaceutical Products (oral medicines, non-prescription medicines, prescription medicines, external medicines)
Intellectual property
Counterfeit currency, pirated goods, patentable items, utility models, items related to trademark and copyright.
Items prohibited by the Washington Convention
Items prohibited for export under CITES (e.g., handbags or belts made of genuine leather and ivory)
Items prohibited by the Washington Convention
Items prohibited for export under CITES (e.g., handbags or belts made of genuine leather and ivory)

Tracking system

Customers can track the parcels during delivery to the destination through our tracking system.

Cross Border Electronic Commerce

We provide various services to support the rapid growth of cross-border E-commerce.
With our expertise in international logistics and the effective infrastructure of our group networks, we are delighted to facilitate Thai import/export businesses and E-commerce enterprises.

Cross border e-commerce  import-export procedure

Sample invoices are provided upon your request.
First-time business of International Express can entrust to our service.
For more information, please feel free to contact us.