Freight Forwarding

Our Freight Forwarding service facilitates the transportation of shipments from Thailand to worldwide destinations through air freight and sea freight. We simplify every step of the transport process, conforming to client’s requirement, including pick up, packing, tax clearance, customs clearance, and more.

Cross Border

Cross Border transportation services with Bangkok as a central hub, connecting to neighboring countries (Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, and others). We are willing to advise services, aligning with your budget and parcel quantity.


We operate large warehouses providing various services, including temporary storage, 3PL (Third-Party Logistics Service Provider), inventory management, and delivery service. These services are offered to support the growth of E-commerce enterprises.

International Express

Our International Express service offers package prices for delivering various types of shipment, including small size parcels, presents, product samples, etc. Moreover, we also have one rate cost for transporting shipment to Japan. (Some areas may be exceptional.)

International Relocation

For customers relocating belongings to a new residence in Japan or other countries, our comprehensive International Relocation services, including packing and unpacking service, can simplify the shipping process by offering a shipping plan to suit both parcel quantity and budget plan.